Annual Canvas Conferences

Hello everyone…

Over the past week or two I have been trying to provide more resources that you can use to help develop your skills with Canvas. For me, one of the best sources of information about things I can do in Canvas has been the annual Canvas conferences. The past three conferences have been held in Keystone, Colorado. You can actually review almost all of the sessions, as they have recorded them to allow attendees to see what is happening in rooms that they were able to get into (often because there are so many good sessions that you want to see all in the same time slot).

The videos for each of the last three conferences are available at:

For example, there was a session “How Video is Failing, and How We Can Fix it” during the 2016 conference that looked at common errors in video-based content for students and how to avoid those errors. During the 2017 conference there was a session entitled “10 Minutes, 10 Hours, 10 Days: Scaffolding Student Success From Day One” that looked at strategies for how to use Canvas to provide support through the online course content for students to increase their chances of having success. “Move From The Sideshow To The Big Tent With Advanced Gamification In Canvas” was a session from the 2018 conference that looked at how to use some of the tools in Canvas to gamify your online course content. And there are so many more topics in these video archives that may focus on things that you’d like to do in your own courses.

The 2019 Canvas conference (which they have traditionally called InstructureCon) will be in Long Beach, CA from 9-11 July 2019. You can see some early information about the conference at:

And eventually the new conference website will be up at (although right now the 2018 conference is still the one that is featured).

I wanted to share this with you not necessarily to encourage you to attend the conference, but to be sure that you were aware of the video libraries that were available from previous conferences.

Michael Barbour