Canvas Tip of the Week (03 February 2020)

Gradebook Rules

Did you know that you can create rules in your gradebook (e.g., drop lowest score)?

Once you have added Assignments to your Assignment Group, you can create rules for the entire Assignment Group. Assignment Group rules determine how Canvas handles any exceptions you want to create for grade calculations. Assignment Groups can be weighted or unweighted.  One example of a rule that you can create is to drop the students lowest score within an Assignment Group.

To drop one or more lowest grade from an assignment category…

  • Click on the gear that appears to the far right of the Assignment Group and then select EDIT.
  • Enter the number of grades you would like to drop.

To learn more about creating rules for your Assignment Groups in Canvas, you can view the complete instructional guide here.  If you need information about how to create Assignment Groups in the first place, you can view that complete instructional guide here.

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February 05, 2020, Wednesday
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