Canvas Tip of the Week (04 November 2019)

Canvas Analytics 

Did you know that Canvas offers a diverse set of course analytics?

You can quickly view activity, assignment submissions, and grades within a course, either specific to a student or your course overall.

Course analytics include for sections:

  • Activity by date allows the instructor to see when students view a page or participate in the course.
  • Submissions allow the instructor to view if students submit the assignment on-time, late, or not at all.
  • Grades use a box and whisker plot to show the distribution of grades in the course.
  • Student Analytics shows page view, participations, assignments, and current score for every student in the course.

To review your course analytics:

  • Login to Canvas and select the name of the course.
  • Select “View Course Analytics” in the right sidebar menu.

Learn more about Canvas Analytics here and here.

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As a reminder, the Canvas team at the Touro College and University Systems level continues to offer webinars on various aspects of Canvas.  Webinars that are coming up this and next week include:

November 04, 2019, Monday
8:00am – Setting Up Your Canvas Gradebook (to register, click )

November 05, 2019, Tuesday
10:00am – Badges: How to use badges with your Canvas Course (to join, click – advanced registration is not required)

November 6, 2019, Wednesday
11:00am – Canvas General Training Sessions (to register, click )

November 7, 2019, Thursday
11:00am – Creating Quizzes in Canvas (to register, click )

You can access the complete training schedule at

If you have questions, feel free to contact Jim O’Connor or myself.

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