Canvas Tip of the Week (10 February 2020)

Getting to Know The Calendar

Did you know that there is an undated space on the student’s calendars?

The Calendar is a great way to view everything you have to do for all your courses in one place. You can view calendar events by day, week, month, or agenda list. The calendar also includes access to the Scheduler, which is an optional scheduling tool in Canvas.

The Calendar spans all courses and displays information for each of your enrolled courses and groups. In the navigation bar, you can choose to view the calendar in Week, Month, or Agenda view [1]. The view you choose dictates the style of the calendar window [2]. By default, the calendar appears in Month view.

The sidebar shows a quick-view calendar [3], your list of courses and groups, and undated items for your courses and groups.

To view the iCal link for exporting your Canvas calendar to other calendar apps, click the Calendar Feed link [4].

One of the features that most students miss is the UNDATED entries (number 3 in the above image).

Expanding the Undated items link will show you a list of events and assignments that are not dated. The assignments and events will be differentiated by icons and by the personal, course, or group calendar color. You can assign due dates to undated items by dragging and dropping them into the Calendar.

To learn more about all of the calendar features in Canvas, you can view the complete instructional guide here.  One nifty trick is to manually add entries to the calendar (as opposed to the automatically generated ones), and you can view that instructional guide here.

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