Canvas Tip of the Week (16 September 2019)

Undelete Content

Did you know that you can undelete anything in your course?

If you have accidentally deleted an item in one of your Canvas courses, see the steps below to undelete:

1. From within your Canvas course, take a look at the web address of the course and look for the course ID number. It’s the number that comes after the “courses/”. So in the example below, the course number is 149 (sample).

2. If there is anything following the course number, delete it. Then add /undelete. The new URL should look like this: (sample).

3. Hit the Return or Enter key on your keyboard. Voila! Any recently deleted items will be listed.
4. Click on ‘restore’ to restore the item(s) you accidentally deleted.

NB: You must be a teacher or editor on a course to undelete items.

There is a useful one page guide that is available here.   Additionally, click here for a short video on this process. 

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September 17, 2019, Tuesday
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