Canvas Tip of the Week (19 August 2019)

24/7 Canvas Support

DID YOU KNOW that Touro has 24/7 Canvas support?

Since the beginning of the transition to Canvas, Faculty, staff and students can make sure of Canvas’s excellent support.  There are multiple ways to contact Canvas:

To update your Canvas Profile:

Live Chat:
To chat with a Canvas representative who can answer questions on course set-up and tools within Canvas:
1. Select the on the Canvas Global Navigation menu.
2. Select “Chat with Canvas Support.”
3. Select “Start Chat.”
4. Type your question to a Canvas representative.

Call Canvas Support Hotline:
1. 1-833-255-9716 to chat with a Canvas representative.

Learn more about accessing Canvas help, please revise the video here.

As a reminder, the Canvas team at the Touro College and University Systems level continues to offer webinars on various aspects of Canvas.  Webinars that are coming up this week include:

August 20, 2019, Tuesday
10:00am – Accessibility: Adding Closed Captions to Kaltura Videos (to join the session, click )

August 21, 2019, Wednesday
11:00am – Canvas General Training Sessions (to register click )

You can access the complete training schedule at

If you have questions, feel free to contact Jim O’Connor or myself.

As a reminder, you can access TUC and TUN specific resources at the Center for Innovative Learning and Teaching website at:

Michael K. Barbour, Ph.D.