Canvas Tip of the Week (27 January 2020)

New Gradebook Active

Have you noticed the differences in your grade books since Saturday, 18 January?

***Before getting into the Canvas tip for this week, an overview of the new features in the gradebook can be found in the Canvas Tip of the Week for 23 December 2019

Over the past two weeks, Brittany Handler (Instructional Designer, School of Health Sciences, Touro College) has conducted two webinars on the new gradebook that has been active in all Canvas courses for the past two weeks.  Below are the resources from those sessions.  If you are responsible for any assessments in your Canvas courses, I would strong recommend that you review one of the recordings (as both are essentially the same session, but repeated on two occasions).

TCUS New Gradebook Webinar Resources

This webinar will be repeated again on Tuesday, 28 January at 10:00am (Pacific).  To sign up for the webinar, visit

To learn more about changes to the Canvas gradebook, you can view the complete release notes here

Please note that one of the negative changes that has occurred to the gradebook is that the option to treat ungraded assignments as 0 is no longer available.  Over the past two weeks, Canvas users have been up voting a suggested idea in the Canvas Community to bring back this feature.  You can access this suggestion at and if you want to add your vote, simply click on the “VOTE UP” button (it will ask you to login and you will use the same username and password you use to login to Canvas – as the Canvas Community is just an extension of that system).

All of the Canvas Tips of the Week are archived on the CILT website at

As a reminder, the Canvas team at the Touro College and University Systems level continues to offer webinars on various aspects of Canvas.  NOTE THE TUESDAY WEBINAR FOCUSED ON THE NEW GRADEBOOK!  Webinars that are coming up this week include (all times in Pacific):

January 27, 2020, Monday
11:00am – Setting Up Your Canvas Gradebook (to register, click )

January 28, 2020, Tuesday
10:00am – Updated Gradebook (to register, click )
11:00am – Making Your Canvas Course Content Available, and Communicating With Students (to register, click )

January 29, 2020, Wednesday
8:00am – Using Assignments to Collect Work Form Students – And how to Grade Them (to register, click ) )

January 30, 2020, Thursday
8:00am – How to Copy Your Course to the Next Term (to register, click )

January 31, 2020, Friday
8:00am – Turn-it-in plagiarism checker (to register, click )

You can access the complete training schedule at

If you have questions, feel free to contact Michele Jenkins, Jim O’Connor or myself.

As a reminder, you can access TUC and TUN specific resources at the Center for Innovative Learning and Teaching website at:

Michael K. Barbour, Ph.D.