Canvas Tip of the Week (29 July 2019)

Canvas Link Validator

Make sure your links work!

The Canvas Link Validator is a tool that provides you with the ability to check all links within your course to ensure they are active and working properly.  The Canvas Link Validator is also a great indicator of what items remain “unpublished” in your course.

Note: Despite having this tool, we still strongly recommend that you test all links to ensure they are directing students to the correct location.

To use the Course Link Validator:

1. Log into your Canvas course
2. Select “Settings” from your Course Navigation menu
3. Select “Validate Links in Content”
4. Select “Start Link Validation”
5. Content that is invalid or unresponsive will appear so you can adjust as needed.

Learn more about the Link Validator here.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Jim O’Connor or myself.

As a reminder, you can access TUC and TUN specific resources at the Center for Innovative Learning and Teaching website at:

Michael K. Barbour, Ph.D.