Canvas Training Resources

A variety of training and support resources are available for all instructors and students.

1. Canvas Help:  24/7 chat, email and phone support from Canvas is available for all students and instructors. Canvas helpdesk agents can assist instructors and students with their live courses, answer how-to questions, and troubleshoot any problems. To access Canvas help, click on the Help button on the bottom left of the dark blue navigation bar in Canvas. Note: you must be in your Canvas account to contact Canvas help.

2. General Live Training via Zoom:  Starting in June, Touro Training Team will be offering regularly scheduled general training sessions via Zoom. These sessions will be open to all faculty. You can see all currently schedule training sessions on the Touro Canvas website. Each session will be 1.5 hours – about 45 minutes of presentation and 45 minutes of questions and answers. The following topics will be covered during these training sessions: 

  • accessing and navigating Canvas
  • viewing rosters
  • adding course files,
  • using the Canvas Syllabus
  • adding an Assignment
  • previewing the course as a student
  • making the course available to students
  • messaging students
  • using the course calendar
  • grading assignments with SpeedGrader
  • viewing the Gradebook and student mastery
  • using different course layouts.

These training sessions will be offered multiple times throughout Touro’s transition to Canvas.  To see a schedule of these sessions:

  • go to the TouroOne Portal and under Canvas click on Touro Canvas Website then select Training Calendar, or

3. Self-paced Training Courses in Canvas: All new students and instructors are automatically enrolled in Canvas training courses. These courses will help you get oriented and learn about some of the most commonly used Canvas features.

4. School-specific Training:  The Project Team is working with Touro schools to schedule school-specific live training, either in person or via Zoom. To find out the live training schedule for your school, watch for Canvas training announcements from your school or contact your Dean or Director.

We will be announcing our own local training sessions in the next week or so.

Please note that all of these methods of learning Canvas (i.e., the Zoom sessions from TCUS, the online course in your Canvas dashboard, and the local training sessions that we will be scheduling) will cover roughly the same material, so we encourage you to take advantage of whichever method or methods best suit your own schedule and manner for learning a new tool.

If you have any questions please contact me at

Michael K. Barbour