Canvas Training Videos

We have added two new videos to the CILT Canvas Library:

Hiding Courses From Your Dashboard

In this video we describe the process for hiding courses from your dashboard in Canvas.

Using Kaltura To Add Videos

In this video we outline how to upload videos to Kaltura and then embed those videos into a “page” in Canvas.

These two videos are added to the original videos (many of which were made for the CEHS during the Canvas pilot and the CILT branding has been recently added):

Transferring Content From Blackboard to Canvas

In this video we describe the process for exporting content from an existing Blackboard course and importing that content into Canvas.

Exporting Content and Importing it into Another Shell

In this video we describe the process for exporting course content from one Canvas shell and then importing it into another Canvas shell.

How Students Can Update Their Profiles

In this video we provide an overview of how students can update the settings of their profile, add ways for Canvas to contact them, and then update their notification settings.

Change The Course Time Zone

In this video we demonstrate how to change the time zone of each of your courses in Canvas from Eastern to Pacific.

Many of these tasks are also described described in the “How to Use Canvas: A Guide for Instructors” that you should have access to in Canvas. Additionally, these tasks – and many others – are also included in the Canvas Community Guides at

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Michael K. Barbour