The basics of peer evaluation by Dr Jim O’Connor.

Because teaching is a multi-dimensional job,
assessing what we do as teachers requires a
multi-faceted approach. No single instrument can
capture all aspects of any individual style or method
of teaching. Student surveys, for instance, can
measure whether student perceptions of what we
are doing are aligned with what we ourselves think
we are doing; but assessing our teaching requires
more than consumer impressions.

Creating a Sense of Instructor Presence in the Online Classroom

The sense of instructor presence is created through a combination of instructional design and delivery. Videos, photos, narratives—depending on one’s comfort level with the medium—can help create this sense of presence in advance of course delivery.

What makes a good instructional video? (Shared by Dr. Michael Barbour

Strategies and Tips for Successful Online Teaching.

In this six-part series, SAGE author and education expert Dr. Linda Dale Bloomberg shares strategies and tips for successful online teaching. She covers multimodal strategies for synchronous and asynchronous delivery of content, shows how to engage students who may feel isolated or who may be struggling, discusses how to adopt an accessible and equitable instructional approach, and offers a handout that instructors can give to students on the first day of class with tips for student success in the online environment.

Active Learning by Dr. Jim O’Connor

What Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Tell Us About Learning

Meet the CILT Team.

What Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology Tell Us About Effective Learning

How to Give Your Students Better Feedback Through Technology

Holly Fiock, an instructional designer in the College of Education at Purdue University, and Heather Garcia, an instructional design specialist at Oregon State University Ecampus, have written
an extensive article focusing on providing student feedback through the use of technology.

The article is broken down into 8 sections:

    4 Key Qualities of Good Feedback
    2 Time-Saving Approaches
    When to Use Audio or Video Tools for Feedback
    When to Stick to Text Feedback
    Tips on Getting Started
    Common Pitfalls and Smart Solutions

I was very impressed with how this article discussed challenges from the instructor’s perspective, as well as sound suggestions and advice for providing effective feedback.

You can access this article via the following link:

Making Your Classroom More Inclusive

Dear Colleagues,

The Chronicle of Higher Education has published a concise guide on “How to Make Your Classroom More Inclusive”

This is a pithy article full of good advise. With our commitment to diversity at Touro, applying the suggestions in this article are sure to continue to move us forward.

Have a great academic year!

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