Using Polling and WhiteBoard on Zoom by by Julie Horwath.

Improving Breakout Room Discussions in Online Teaching by Using Collaborative Documents.

Enhancing Online Course Discussions through Conference Roles and Blogs.

Use PowerPoint as a Virtual Background in Zoom.

This is a great way to personalize your background to fit your classroom needs.  in just a few clicks… you’ll be on your way!

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Useful zoom tips from Academic Services at Washington State University-Vancouver (Mike Caulfield)

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How to Make Your Online Pivot Less Brutal

The Chronicle of Higher Education just published an article entitled “How to Make Your Online Pivot Less Brutal” by Kevin Gannon.

The article includes great advice, which should reduce your angst about teaching online.

Teach Students to Think Through Problems — Not Google Them

Dear Colleagues,

Are you encouraging students’ higher order thinking and problems solving skills?

“Everything I do is a platform of my teaching,” Aswath Damodaran says in an interview with EdSurge. Among other topics, he explains why preparation is the majority of teaching, how students should attempt to develop conclusions through problem-solving before Googling answers, and why he makes his thought process clear when explaining the solutions to questions, rather than simply answering. 

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Jim O’Connor Ph.D.

Suggestions for holding class discussions

Dear Colleagues,

Here is a recent article from the Chronicle of Higher Education focusing on effective classroom discussions:


Jim O’Connor, Ph.D.

Giving Tuesday

This is a time of peace and giving to our fellow man. To that end, and at the request of our students who have served in our nation’s armed services, Touro University California is restoring its historic Mare Island Hospital flag pole to proudly fly the American flag over our campus once again.

Giving Tuesday, much like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, has emerged as an annual event centered on the Thanksgiving holiday. On Tuesday, December 2nd, charities and individuals around the nation will come together for a common purpose – to celebrate generosity and to give on #GivingTuesday 2014

At Touro, giving back to the community is a fundamental value. Our students regularly staff a free clinic that provides healthcare to the underserved community; provide public health programs into the community; and mentor elementary and high school students.  On Giving Tuesday, Touro University California will turn its attention to the place we call home – Mare Island, a former Naval Shipyard. Every day, our students walk in the footsteps of American military history, attending classes in buildings designated as historic landmarks.  Many of these landmarks are now showing their age.

Our goal is to restore one of these national treasures – the great flagpole at the Mare Island Hospital. Built in 1869, the hospital served tens of thousands of sailors in every world war and conflict until 1996.  When the weary and wounded arrived, they were welcomed by the American flag flying atop a majestic 100-foot steel pole, resembling the mast of the great navy ships.

Please help us restore the great flagpole to its former glory. The rich tradition of raising the Stars and Stripes is a touching experience we want to bring back to Mare Island to honor the great men and women who served here in generations past. I hope you will help us spread the word and consider making a donation by visiting Together we can raise the flag on Mare Island!

I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season!


Touro Nursing School Answers National Call to Action

Most people regard nurses as health professionals who care for patients in hospitals. But with the Affordable Care Act bringing 30 million more people into our healthcare system, its success heavily depends on keeping people out of hospitals, or at least from returning to them. That will require more clinical nurses with higher levels of education, skill and management expertise — and fast.

As they retire, baby-boomer nurses are leaving a growing vacuum. Yet, a lack of faculty and resources force nursing schools to turn away thousands of qualified applicants nationally and hundreds in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the same time, hospitals recognize the necessity to employ nurses with baccalaureate or masters degrees able to adapt to a far more complex health care delivery system, as well as a future patient base requiring more sophisticated treatment. According to the Institute of Medicine, Future of Nursing (2011), it is recommended that at least 80 percent of nurses possess baccalaureate or masters degrees by 2020.

The biggest and most obvious need for more highly educated nurses is to improve patient outcomes. Higher demand from the newly insured and tighter restrictions from Medicare, which now penalizes hospitals for readmissions that occur from the same condition, within 30 days of discharge, also contributes to the need for nurses with a higher degree of training.

We, as health care educators, are meeting the challenge. Touro University California is adding a School of Nursing that provides a bridge for ambitious, talented and dedicated nurses to quickly advance their careers to meet the growing demand for nurses with advanced degrees. Touro’s program is designed for working registered nurses, opening career paths to masters degrees in nursing. Touro is one of only 30 nursing schools in the nation offering this kind of program that provides a path from an associates degree to a masters degree in nursing.

The end result – advancing nursing education — will be a life saver, far beyond helping make affordable health care a reality for all.

Our first cohort at the Touro University California School of Nursing starts August 1st. We’ll be preparing a new generation of transformational nurses for the next generation of health care.