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Elisabeth Rosenthal column: The debt crisis that sick Americans can’t avoid

Adequate levels of vitamin D reduces complications, death among COVID-19 patients. (by Boston University School of Medicine)

This study provides direct evidence that vitamin D sufficiency can reduce the complications, including the cytokine storm
(release of too many proteins into the blood too quickly) and ultimately death from COVID-19," explained corresponding
author Michael F. Holick, Ph.D., MD, professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics and molecular medicine at Boston University School of Medicine.

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Student Centered Learning

Lemos, A. R., Sandars, J. E., Alves, P., & Costa, M. J. (2014). The evaluation of student-centredness (sic) of teaching and learning: a new mixed-methods approach. International Journal of Medical Education, 5, 157–164. Retrieved from

  • This study focused upon the  development and consideration of  the usefulness of a new mixed-methods approach to evaluate the student-centredness of teaching and learning on undergraduate medical courses.  The authors describe the the Bologna Process in Europe, which stated “student-centred learning (SCL) is an approach to education, which aims at overcoming some of the problems inherent to more traditional forms of education by focusing on the learner and their needs, rather than being centred around the teacher’s input.” Simply put, the philosophy of student-centered teaching suggests that the teacher be a "guide on the side rather than a sage on the stage."

Universal Design for Learning

Burgstahler, S. (Ed.). (2013). Universal design in higher education: Promising practices. Seattle: DO-IT, University of Washington. Retrieved from Click here

  • This book uses evidence-based best practices to guide higher education instructors in effectively designing or redesigning courses.