End-of-Semester Course Checklist

As the semester draws to a close, I wanted to share with you this resource from Holly Owens of the School of Health Sciences.

Michael K. Barbour

End-of-Semester Course Checklist

Description: This checklist has been provided as a reference to make sure your course(s) is/are ready for the end of the semester. Tasks are divided into three sections: required, recommended, and optional. Short tutorials and other resources are linked for most tasks. If you have any questions, please contact the SHS ID, Holly Owens, at holly.owens@touro.edu.

RECOMMENDED-(highly encouraged)

  • Send a course closing (announcement or email) to students thanking them for a great semester.
  • Finalize grades in your Canvas Gradebook (make sure all items are graded)
  • Enable the Zeros grading feature in Canvas Gradebook (anything that has not been submit or graded will be counted as a 0)
  • Export your Canvas Gradebook and save it to your hard drive or other source
  • Review student course evaluations and modify content as desired

REQUIREDTasks that MUST be completed

OPTIONAL-Preparing for the Next Semester

  • Review your content and course materials for accuracy and relevance
  • Import course content into the new semester’s shell(s)
  • Request a Sandbox to work in if you are in need of course staging area-send email to Holly at owens@touro.edu to request a Sandbox course
  • Sign up for Canvas Trainings at edu/canvas