Improve Your Learning!

The Chronicle of Higher Education published an interesting article entitled:

How One University Uses ‘Sneaky Learning’ to Help Students Develop Good Study Habits

“Colorado State University has been experimenting with the role that science and technology can play in breaking those bad habits. Anne M. Cleary, a psychology professor who studies human memory, has helped develop a number of those efforts, including the creation of a course called “The Science of Learning,” which is open to all undergraduates. The primary message, says Cleary, is don’t trust your gut. Learning is not intuitive. Research shows a disconnect between what people think are the best ways to learn and the habits that actually lead to true understanding and retention.”

The bottom line is that what we might think are effective ways to learn may not be. Rather than doing what you think is best, consider using best practice from cognitive science and learning theory.

Here’s the complete article:

Jim O’Connor Ph.D.