Leading the way in Nevada and California

I’ve been privileged to be at the helm of Touro University Western Division since January 2014.  The two universities that make up the Western Division are both very vibrant entities that have made significant impacts on their communities.

The students at both locations are very involved and volunteer hundreds of hours of their personal time to provide free health screenings and care under the supervision of dedicated faculty.

We graduate hundreds of new physicians, physician assistants, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists and pharmacists each year.  These wonderful graduates are serving the ever increasing health care needs of our communities and across the country.

Our faculty, aside from imparting their deep knowledge to students, are involved in research projects that could lead to new treatments for health issues.  They also spend hours volunteering to provide health care to their neighbors.

Of course, the staff at each university are an integral component in the success of our students and faculty.

I encourage you to learn more about both universities.  Come take a tour.  Learn how you can support these dedicated students and faculty in their mission.