Rewarding… Reflections on Completing “Designing Online Courses for Accessibility”

You know that feeling when you complete something and reflect on how rewarding it was?

Well I just finished the online canvas course titled, “Designing Online Courses for Accessibility.” I really liked it.  I took about 4 hours total to complete and taught me so much.  I loved how it was presented and the content was understandable for a topic I did not know much about.

The course looks at strategies to make online content to be both Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant.  Note that this does not just apply to online, hybrid, and/or blended courses.  Under federal law ALL online content that is posted in a learning management system – like Canvas – should be compliant with both ADA and 504.

If you get a chance this summer please take this course.  Debbie Millican did an amazing job and if nothing else this provided me a wonderful template on how to use Canvas to deliver a course.  Debbie is the Instructional Designer for the College of Health and Human Services Touro University, Nevada.  The course is free and self-paced online.  Enjoy…

Rolly Kali-Rai
College of Pharmacy
Touro University California