TUC Canvas Training Sessions – Your Input

I wanted to share some resources that have recently been updated, and I also wanted to ask for your assistance in shaping future training sessions provided via Zoom by the TCUS Canvas team.  To date, the team has provided or scheduled 117 different sessions on 13 different topics.

As we continue to move forward, I want to give TUC faculty and staff the opportunity to help guide what training the TCUS team provides in the lead up to the Spring semester, as well as early in the Spring semester. So, I would like you to take two minutes to complete the following two question survey to see if there are specific topics that have already been offered or if there are other topics that should be added.


These results will be shared with the TCUS team, and all efforts will be made to ensure that sessions that were identified as TUC priorities are offered during times of the day that make them accessible for us here in California.

Beyond this survey, I also wanted to share with you new support resources for students and faculty that the TCUS team has recently added.

You can access the Training Calendar and sign up for any of the November and/or December sessions by going to http://www.touro.edu/canvas and click on the “TRAINING CALENDAR” option (note all of the times listed on the calendar are in Eastern).

In addition to the TCUS resources, a reminder that we also have created a Canvas transition website for the Western Division – see https://western.touro.edu/cilt/canvas-transition – which contains the transition plans for TUC and TUN, a training schedule, and faculty and student resources for using Canvas (that are specific to the issues and procedures within TUC and TUN).

Be sure to check out these resources.  If you have any questions about Canvas or the transition, please contact Jim O’Connor or myself.

Michael K. Barbour