TUC – Getting Your Canvas Courses Ready For Spring 2019

We just wanted to remind you that both the Spring 2019 courses have been created in Banner and the TUC course blueprints have been applied.  Like in previous semesters, there is an instructional video on the Center for Innovative Learning and Teaching’s (CILT) website – see https://western.touro.edu/cilt/canvas-transition/ – that describes the three areas of the Spring 2019 blueprint that should be personalized by the individual faculty members teaching the course.  You can access the video directly by clicking on the image below.


For faculty in the School of Nursing and the Graduate School of Education (i.e., the two programs involved in the original Canvas pilot), if you want to use the content from your Spring 2018 Canvas shell in your Spring 2019 course there is a specific procedure that you need to follow when it comes to exporting and importing your content to make sure that you don’t overwrite the new blueprint.  There is a second instructional video on the CILT website that outlines this procedure.  You can access the video directly by clicking on the image below.


As always, if you have any questions please contact Jim O’Connor or myself.

Michael K. Barbour