TUN Canvas Training Follow-Up

I want to thank those who were able to attend the Canvas training sessions this past Monday and Tuesday.  It was a pleasure meeting each of you, and I look forward to continuing to work with you throughout the Canvas transition.  For those you were unable to attend, the session that I provided was similar to the “General Canvas Training Session” that is provided via Zoom by the TCUS team.  You can sign up for this session, or any of the other sessions listed, by going to http://www.touro.edu/canvas and click on the “TRAINING CALENDAR” option (note all of the times listed on the calendar are in Eastern).

The TCUS team has also added new support resources for students and faculty:

In addition to the TCUS resources, we also have created a Canvas transition website for the Western Division – see https://western.touro.edu/cilt/canvas-transition/ – which contains the transition plans for TUN and TUC, a training schedule, and faculty and student resources for using Canvas (that are specific to the issues and procedures within TUN and TUC).

Be sure to check out these resources.  If you have any questions about Canvas or the transition, please contact Jim O’Connor or myself.

Michael K. Barbour, Fellow