TUN COM Canvas Training Sessions

Please note that the Canvas Transition Co-Chairs Jim O’Connor and Michael Barbour will be delivering basic introduction to Canvas training sessions on:

Monday, 05 November

9am-10:30am (The Bullpen – Conference Room D-1102)
10:30am-noon (The Bullpen – Conference Room D-1102)
2pm-3:30pm (The Bullpen – Conference Room D-1102)
3:30pm-5pm (The Bullpen – Conference Room D-1102)

Tuesday, 06 November

9am-10:30am (Classroom 5 – Teaching Space C-2163)
10:30am-noon (Classroom 5 – Teaching Space C-2163)
2pm-3:30pm (Classroom 5 – Teaching Space C-2163)
3:30pm-5pm (Classroom 5 – Teaching Space C-2163)

Each session will run approximately 90 minutes in length and will cover basic account management, how to export content from Blackboard, import that content into Canvas, and how to create the main types of content in Canvas.  These sessions are primarily intended for COM faculty (i.e., the examples will be formatted using their content), but any faculty and/or staff how would like to attend are invited.

Be sure that you have an active Canvas account prior to the session by logging into TouroOne and clicking on the “Log In To Canvas” button.


If you have any problems with logging in or any questions at all, please let me know.

Michael K. Barbour