TUWD Canvas Corner – January 2019

 TUWD Canvas Corner 

Check out this tutorial video that describes the variety of ways that you can seek help with figuring out how to do something in Canvas. Visit https://youtu.be/AELPe8Xwbpo

Spring 2019 Workshop Offerings

Please note these Canvas training sessions that are scheduled for the Spring semester from Holly Owens (the Instructional Designer for the School of Health Sciences in New York). To see what sessions are being offered and to sign up, visit https://western.touro.edu/spring-2019-canvas-workshops-from-touros-shs/

You can see a complete list of all of the Canvas webinars being offered by TCUS at https://touro-iits-dept.s3.amazonaws.com/canvas/calendar.html

Allow option to not sync course start/end dates on blueprint associated courses

As you may have noticed, the application of the TUC blueprint included specific start and end dates for both the course and the section. Instructors can edit the course dates, but not the section dates. This is a design problem with Canvas, and not anything that was done at TUC or TCUS. There is currently suggestion to correct this problem in the Canvas Community, and with the company’s continuous development model it could be fixed at any time and the popularity of these suggestions are often how Canvas prioritizes what gets developed.

As such, we would ask that you visit https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/12528-allow-option-to-not-sync-course-startend-dates-on-blueprint-associated-courses and “Up Vote” this suggestion.

At the annual Canvas conference almost all of the sessions are recorded. Many of the sessions are focused on how to use Canvas to design better online content or how to use Canvas to supplement classroom teaching. You can access the videos from each of the last three conferences at https://western.touro.edu/annual-canvas-conferences/

For faculty at Touro University California, if you haven’t updated your standard blueprint yet be sure to check out this tutorial video describing the three specific items that instructors need to revise in the Spring 2019 version of the blueprint that has been applied to your course (i.e., the Home page; the Syllabus page; and the Instructor page). Visit https://youtu.be/xGNBAEy7W-o

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to Jim O’Connor (Jim.OConnor@tu.edu) or Michael Barbour (Michael.Barbour@tu.edu).